Gaelic Football – From an Islander



I’m here to talk about my experience in gaelic football and how it’s played a part in my life. GAA was a very integral part in my growing up in my opinion. I played football, hurling, handball and soccer as a child, but the one that always stuck with me was football. So that’s why I chose to talk about that as my part of this blog.
One big reason I played football was because my father was one of three people who put together and started the local football club. They started it in 1994, which was the year I was born, so I guess it was fate really that I ended up playing it. I started playing properly when I was seven or eight years old and still play to this day. I find it a great escape and also it’s a brilliant way to keep fit and healthy. Even as I’m still in college in Galway I still play with the home football team. I’d much rather that then playing with a bunch of strangers and also for the sense of pride of playing for the team my dad started up from scratch. Also my father’s business sponsors the team so there’s an extra incentive in it for me too in that.
Gaelic football has been a huge part of my life both growing up as well as now, and I honestly couldn’t picture my life without it.


By Breandán

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One thought on “Gaelic Football – From an Islander

  1. Interesting personal reflection on your own history with gaelic football, Breandan. Could you add some links so that people could explore the topic further — e.g. the GAA website — and perhaps some photographs? Use of hyperlinks and multimedia can help you to communicate your message effectively, and this is one of the great strengths of blogging.

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